Evaluation of the use of re-marketing

There are three types of re-marketing available; Facebook; Google; Email; But i’ll be focusing on Google. Because I Google accounts for 91% of online searches in the UK (Stat Counter. 2016) and personally I feel it is the best medium to generate cold B2B prospects. Oh and for reference: Re-marketing = A way of showing ads to […]


What is Google + to me and my online marketing campaign

Google plus (G+) is a bit of a mystery to the average Joe. So to define it in a not so typical fashion: G+ a social platform which Google has created to help monopolise the web and has seen some benefit to SEO and finally, yes, there are a lot of cracking animal photos to […]

The 7 Principles of Online Persuasion (Chuck Norris Saga)

So the previous article went into the branding of a website, oh yeah, and Chuck Norris of course (random Chuck fact, “When Chuck Norris stares at the Sun, the Sun goes blind”). However this one is a little more interesting in my opinion (only because it has psychology in it), I want to look into […]

world is flat

split testing

Custom fit versus cookie cutter 2

If you have ever wanted advice on making your content that much sweeter and you like to play around with statistics and experiments, then strap yourself in and read Head boy’s fantastic post: If you have been reading from some of the Godfathers and Godmothers of blogging you may have heard of a term referring […]

Top 10 Things Which Will Allow my Blog/Website to Rank on Google 2

This post includes, 10 things which can help your blog/website appear higher in Google, where each point, has simplified bullet points to make sure nothing has missed. Every point includes information for the most basic and advanced SEO goers. The 10 points included are : Page Titles Images on a webpage Internal links Social media […]


Moloney King

No pod-casters were harmed in the writing of this piece 5

So this is crazy, not just because people want to write for my blog but because this is technically the first post for my new website. A few of you may know my old site to be www.digitaldancer.me. However out with the old and in with the new. So if you have ever wanted advice […]