The 7 Principles of Online Persuasion (Chuck Norris Saga)

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So the previous article went into the branding of a website, oh yeah, and Chuck Norris of course (random Chuck fact, “When Chuck Norris stares at the Sun, the Sun goes blind”). However this one is a little more interesting in my opinion (only because it has psychology in it), I want to look into the psychology of a website. Something which to be honest isn’t something I get to use in my day job much (more because my job doesn’t require it), but psychology can be that 1% improvement which causes a website to succeed and/or the reason for a website to fail.

So with no further a due, again using random Chuck references let’s explain what the perfect website would include (in theory). Due to the size of the blog post I have split this article into three, and these can be easily viewed by clicking on the titles below:

The 7 Principles of Online Persuasion

Gestlat Law of Perceptual Organisation (COMING SOON)

Attentional Bias and White Space (COMING SOON)

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