Where can I start, Digital Marketing is something special. Not just because you have the power to influence some ones company with some fancy keyboard work. But because it is something which is addictive, and what makes it so addictive, is it is something which can easily be grasped,  but at the same time there is always more to learn and to explore.

Don’t get me wrong  I’m not saying that Digital Marketing is easy,from it ! Over the years I have learnt every topic I have had the pleasure to look into, has a bottomless pit of information, and which continually changes.

Digital Dancer was created to allow people of  all skill levels to have that chance to explore Digital Marketing, whilst allowing myself to physically document my journey and experiments throughout my career!

A quick update of myself , I don’t want this to seem like a dating website so I thought I wouldn’t get too personal.  I graduated from Leicester University with a BSc Hons in Psychology and found myself in SEO. Since then I have furthered my knowledge into all things digital. In the future I would love to be able to combine my knowledge  of Digital Marketing with my passion for Psychology.

My personal expertise includes:

  1. Statistical Analysis
  2. SEO
  3. Psychology
  4. Research
  5. Typo’s

Peace out and I hope you enjoy the blog .