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No money, no reputation… no time to waste. The challenge of growing 2

Why post about this on Digital Dancer?   Firstly some forced, shameless, promotion of Fitness Hacks. Secondly, and more importantly, I hope to show which techniques do and do not work when starting a website from scratch (which can be mirrored if need be). Because this project has little to no budget – bar the […]

How did that make you feel? Adding some basic behavioral psychology concepts to your marketing

In this post I highlight some key behaviour principles in psychology (which you may not have heard of) to illustrate ways to improve a marketing campaign. (Pssst each behaviour title represents a song – try and name the artist as you go through) On an average day we are exposed to as much as 590 minutes of […]


WSI Digital Summit Notes: The Internet will grow more in the next 5 years than in the last 25 years combined

So today (19/11/2014) I had the pleasure of visiting Microsoft’s headquarters in London, and attending the WSI Digital Summit (#WSIDigitalSummit for the Tweeters out there)! Throughout the day we listened to 5 speakers who unleashed some fantastic nuggets of information, which I believe could benefit any campaign/ business. Because of this I thought blogging time! […]

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