Evaluating of the use of re-marketing

There are three types of re-marketing available;

  1. Facebook;
  2. Google;
  3. Email;

But i’ll be focusing on Google. Because I Google accounts for 91% of online searches in the UK (Stat Counter. 2016) and personally I feel it is the best medium to generate cold B2B prospects.

Oh and for reference: Re-marketing = A way of showing ads to users who’ve previously visited KR as they browse the web.

How can a company target individuals after they have left the website?

  Through banner format, Google display network shows ads to individuals who have already visited the specified pages of your website.

 Benefits of re-marketing 

As inferred previously, re-marketing gives an individual the ability to encourage people to come back to the website – hopefully in the aim to generate more awareness and increase the enquiry rate.

Awareness positively influencing brand power. Where, an established brand provides an instant ‘quality identifier’ to a prospect.

In addition to awareness, the true aim of a re-marketing campaign would be to increase the number of business advisory prospects coming to the website and enquiring.

How to use re-marketing to generate more business advisory prospects (aka leads)

Re-marketing could generate more leads by driving already engaged audiences back to the website as a whole. Specifically a company could segment prospects by showing the re-marketing banners decision making unit who had already visited the allocated pages (for example using a targeted email campaign to drive prospects to a specific page then using re-marketing to drive them back to the website)- to supplement the marketing campaign.

Negatives of re-marketing for KR

Two areas which are increasingly becoming an issue for re-marketing have been detailed below.

Banner blindness

Web users being increasingly goal driven, and time sensitive,’ Banner Blindness’  is an increasing problem. Where, ‘Banner Blindness’ is the phenomenon where an individual’s gaze never rests in the regions of the screen occupied by advertising.

Ad blocking

Ad blocking is growing – It was detailed in September 2015 (Business Insider UK.  2015) there were nearly 200 million monthly active users of ad-block software globally. And this is growing rapidly Ad blocking would stop the re-marketing campaigns showing up and/or being clicked on.

I know there is a lot less humour in this post but I thought I would detail a quick, but comprehensive guide to get me back into blogging.




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