WSI Digital Summit Notes: The Internet will grow more in the next 5 years than in the last 25 years combined

digital dancer logoSo today (19/11/2014) I had the pleasure of visiting Microsoft’s headquarters in London, and attending the WSI Digital Summit (#WSIDigitalSummit for the Tweeters out there)! Throughout the day we listened to 5 speakers who unleashed some fantastic nuggets of information, which I believe could benefit any campaign/ business. Because of this I thought blogging time!

Because today is over and I’ve had a brew, I thought I would do a quick blog and summarise each talker and highlight some of those golden nuggets of information which were uncovered. For your reference the speakers, title of the presentation and companies they are affiliated with are listed below.

  1. Dan Monaghan. “Digital Marketing – it’s a Complex World”, Co – founder WSI
  2. Rylan Holey. “Creating Competitive Advantage With Social Business”, Partner Manager at Hootsuite
  3. Conor Douglas. “Business Growth with Inbound”, Hubspot
  4. Jonathon Hilder. “Vending in the Digital World”, CEO of the UK Automatic Vending Association
  5. Aaron McGrath. “Unlocking the Potential of Search”, Eurpoean SMB Advertising Lead Manager – Bing Ads


Dan Monaghan. “Digital Marketing – it’s a Complex World”, Co – founder WSI

With Dan being responsible for one of the biggest digital agencies in the world, that you may have never heard, you expected him to say something worthwhile. He didn’t let us down. After providing us all with a book “digital minds – 12 things every business needs to know about digital marketing” he went into how all digital marketing should include a holistic strategy first, and then action. Not vice versa! Sounds common sense but if you really think about how your campaign is run, I can nearly guarantee your campaign comes through experience not strategy. He highlighted all digital marketing comes from a standard framework of (these points are also highlighted in his book)

  • Discovery (identify goals, objectives & strategies)
  • Internet business analysis (competitor analysis, identify personas using your website and or your mobile website and work out web market share)
  • Build ( build your strategy whilst working out cost)
  • Implament (Undertake your strategy)
  • Measure (Measure your goals and objectives
  • Manage Results ( work out what worked and what didn’t and enhance your campaign)
  • And repeat when necessary

An additional note I would like to pick up on which Dan said was to make sure you target your audience with your website. Again, sounds simple but if someone is looking for a plumber on a phone rather than on a computer it is acceptable to assume they want a plumber quick. So design your mobile website to cater for this. Give the user a big, easy, call to action to press so they can get in touch with a plumber.

WSI Logo

Rylan Holey. “Creating Competitive Advantage With Social Business”, Partner Manager at Hootsuite

Personally this was my favourite talk, and I’m not trying be being biased but I use Hootsuite so it was easy to relate to what Rylan spoke about. Whilst Rylan noted some really interesting parts of Hootsuite’s set up, and one thing of real note was to tailor the look of your website to your audience. I think his explanation of a social media, company, infrastructure was of most interest. Below is the 5 points every company should look at:

  • Guidelines & Policies (standards should be put into place and guidelines of best practice)
  • Compliance (make sure your social media is compliant to the companies/external governing bodies)
  • Security (Please don’t leave your password to one person. If you want to learn more about that check out the worst of 2013 social mess ups)
  • Integration (Integrate the company, that means all the offices and all the social media officers )
  • Organising (finally monitor and organise your social media activities)

The final thought for me was, engage your company with social and make every one an ambassador!

hootsuite logo

Conor Douglas. “Business Growth with Inbound”, Hubspot

This presentation was a cauldron of techy and common sense. But what made useful was it talked and demonstrated an inbound strategy. So to you and me the holistic’s of creating a campaign which doesn’t only bring visitors to the website, but converts them! So the big thing Conor highlighted, content is still king and experimentation is contents queen. Constantly refining content and the website around it twill cause conversions! Way’s to do this, A/B testing, building personas for your visitors and building your website for the consumer not for your eyes or your colleagues.


Jonathon Hilder. “Vending in the Digital World”, CEO of the UK Automatic Vending Association

Whilst not so relatable to me, it was very interesting! A little fun fact, in South Korea vending machines can now scan your hand and your card. After this has been done you can pay for any of your food or drink with your hand. Though one negative to these vending machines, it must be pretty hard to monitor expenditure! Jonathon’s talk highlighted the speed all industries have to change to incorporate the digital world.


Aaron McGrath. “Unlocking the Potential of Search”, European SMB Advertising Lead Manager – Bing Ads

Aaron’s talk was something I never expected. He happily highlighted the success of Google and at no point tried to smear Google’s reputation. What he did was open our eyes to Bing and more specifically the opportunities of using it. I am happy to admit I have never been a fan of Bing but listening to Aaron I could  have been wrong with my attitude.  I never realised that 22 million people used Bing every year and more importantly, I never realised that such a large number of people use a platform which has such little competition for PPC. In addition to this because I have never experimented with Bing, I found it fascinating you could upload your Adwords (hopefully successful) campaign to Bing, stopping the laborious task of creating a new campaign.

In addition Bing has incredible potential to target specific audiences, especially the younger audiences. With Microsoft installing Bing into the X box, they are literally able to target the younger audiences through their consoles.

One snippet of information I feel could be something special, and I should share, is that Aaron stated responsive websites rank better than m. Websites. However he did say this was his opinion and may not be the case but…………… he does work for Bing so I accepted it.

bing logo

The true takeaway was,”the Internet will grow more in the next 5 years than in the last 25 years combined.” So make sure you are in place to take advantage of it.

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement for all of the companies, more a nod of respect for the quality of information and talks which were produced today. I would like to say all these companies are everything you’re looking for but unfortunately I have not had day to day dealings with all these companies before today.


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