The London Undergrounds Importance to SEO and the User Journey

This post will go over What’s a natural amount of internal links for a website How you can use London Underground to build the perfectly linked website How important the user journey is I went to a conference last night about SEO and Adwords, and to be honest, the guy was spot on! He didn’t make […]

London Tube map

A Topical Advert, Goodbye Bush!

So I thought to keep my content fresh, and add a bit of humor to my blog, I thought I would highlight marketing genius once a week. By genius, I mean marketing which will cause a smile and will turn a few heads. These won’t all be digital marketing examples but to be honest, marketing […]

The Psychology of a “call to action” point

What does this cover Why are CTA points so important, and why is this so So what makes a good CTA and how does psychology influence this. How to make your CTA a focal point. Introduction A “call to action (CTA)” point is becoming significantly important to a website’s architecture. This is where a call to action […]

7 Ways to Set Your Site Apart in Hyper-Competitive Industries 5

Hi all, I do not want to make a habit of guest posts, however when experts in their field approach you, it’s quite hard to say no! This is especially true as I want this blog to be a place of learning and sharing, rather than a place to promote one’s services. Below is a guest […]

EBay vs Amazon, the Panda (4.0) Chronicles 2

This post includes: An Into to Google Panda How the Updates Influenced EBay  What does Amazon have which EBay Lacks So to conclude, why did Amazon win overall and what does it mean to you! Final Thoughts A brief Summary: In this post I will verge on how Google Panda 4.0 has damaged EBay and helped Amazon. […]

Schemas, what are they and how will they make me money?

Before we go into the details, I do want to say Schema code is not a quick and dirty SEO win but it is a way for your website to meet a Search Engines best practice. What does this post discuss Schema Definition What is a Schema Schema’s increase CTR (click through rate) How to […]

Help, I Shrunk my Rankings!

No, this is not the sequel of honey, I shrunk the kids. More I wanted to be a little bit snazzy with my title and I got over exited! If any one does point it out, yes this would be a good title for a Google penalty blog post and yes I probably will be […]

Social Media Gone Wrong, the Best of 2013

Title is simple but effective, because at the end of the day this article is about when Social  Media Marketing goes wrong!!!!!!!!!!!! And by wrong, I mean wrong, Titanic Esq wrong! Whilst I appreciate not all of these posts are as funny as  James Blunts Twitter, it is still a good example of how Social […]

It’s not all about the Link Juice

I wish I had the budget and the balls to re create Nelly’s song “Pimp Juice,” into the SEO classic “Link Juice.” Maybe one for the future! But one lyric in his song does ring true for SEO’s around the world, “She only want me for my pimp juice( “link juice” in the seo version)”. […]