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What is Google + to me and my online marketing campaign

Google plus (G+) is a bit of a mystery to the average Joe. So to define it in a not so typical fashion:

G+ a social platform which Google has created to help monopolise the web and has seen some benefit to SEO and finally, yes, there are a lot of cracking animal photos to view too.
So what makes it worth investing your time in the social platform? Well... I may make you want to stop reading prematurely because to the average it isn’t worth the time of day right now! But the two words “right now” are the words you should focus on! Because the money and time Google has invested in the platform means it will work, to an extent, and if you get in early you will reap the rewards. So what does it have that other social platforms don’t have? G+ being a Google product means it is completely integrated with the search engine and its products. This integration gives us the unique ability to influence the search results (disclaimer: most social platforms now have an effect on SEO but less so than G+ activity), and with it being documented that 88% of the UK residence used Google in 2014 your social media campaign has a great chance to influence a large audience. The benefits of G+ are not just limited to search results. There is no other social media platform which gives you the ability to connect and extend your influence to seemingly unrelated individuals by posting applicable content to a group and/or your connections. So if you start playing about with G+ now, you will realise it is a very powerful tool and it’s only going to get bigger.  Oh and finally as I hinted in the definition, there are some fantastic photos, more specifically animals to waste your time with. Below I have listed ways you could take advantage of Google+ to benefit your business online.

Ways of using Google+ to boost your online campaign

  • Relevant Content
By creating engaging and relevant content on G+ you have the opportunity for readers to share your content, link back to your content and to engage with you personally. Similar to a website increased popularity from users linking and liking your content will allow your Google+ bio to increase authority. This in turn will increase the value of the G+ link pointing to your site which will have a positive influence on your websites authority. This increased authority can have a positive influence towards your websites rankings. I.e. more social love = better positions in Google
  • AdWords Integration
Connecting your Google plus page with your AdWords campaign gives you the added trust factor of displaying how many followers you have under your Ad in the search engine. Potentially generating a better click through rate.
  • Google Business
Give your company a G+ page and give it the chance to appear in the local listings of Google, which for the small businesses can be a massive bonus. Because you have a chance to compete with the bigger companies out there. And if you play your cards right will allow you to both appear in the normal search results and the place listings. 2 for one, who would have thought!
  • Post your websites URLs to your G+ wall
G+ can be another source which brings in traffic to your site. By posting useful and relevant content from your website you can specifically attract the attention of people in your circles but also target people searching for such content. This will allow your site to receive G+ exposure and receive shares which can convert to people clicking through to your site and as stated before gives you a little SEO benefit.
  • Make connections with your users.
One thing which has been a key factor in the previous points is you need an audience to achieve web marketing. G+ has given you 17 different notification triggers which can help you connect with other influencers and users in your industry. With each connection you run the chance of promoting your website to your relevant target audience, whilst optimising your site and producing brand awareness.
  • Oh and finally with G+ being a very image hungry social platform, the image lovers of us out there have a fantastic chance to do really well! Photos and videos are the way to generate engagement and G+’s integration with YouTube and its ability to amend its photos are a huge weapon when it comes to generating engagement.
As you can see the benefits which can be achieved through using your G+ account for web marketing can be huge and with G+ evolving with Google’s its importance will only grow in the future. If you enjoyed this article make sure you subscribe. I promise I don't write enough to generate a spam amount of emails.


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Top 10 Things Which Will Allow my Blog/Website to Rank on Google

This post includes, 10 things which can help your blog/website appear higher in Google, where each point, has simplified bullet points to make sure nothing has missed. Every point includes information for the most basic and advanced SEO goers. The 10 points included are :

  1. Page Titles
  2. Images on a webpage
  3. Internal links
  4. Social media
  5. No keyword stuffing
  6. URL structure and website structure
  7. Digital Champions
  8. Headings
  9. Webpage content
  10. Check for mistakes

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The London Undergrounds Importance to SEO and the User Journey

This post will go over

  1. What's a natural amount of internal links for a website
  2. How you can use London Underground to build the perfectly linked website
  3. How important the user journey is
I went to a conference last night about SEO and Adwords, and to be honest, the guy was spot on! He didn’t make it too complicated for the audience and at the end of the day he didn’t make it sound like what we do is black magic to the average person. However one thing he spoke about was internal linking and the importance of not overdoing it/ under doing it. That is literally asking someone to judge how long a piece of string is but in real terms. Because at the end of the day, the success of an internal linking strategy can judge how well your website ranks in the search engines (SERPs). This got me thinking how would I explain it, how would I tell people what a good ratio is. Now came the part of the night where I fell off my high horse. It’s pretty hard to make it understandable and easy to understand but through some sort of outside the box thinking, I thought a London tube map is the perfect of perfect internal linking. Stay with me in this, it will make sense in a bit.

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7 Ways to Set Your Site Apart in Hyper-Competitive Industries

Hi all, I do not want to make a habit of guest posts, however when experts in their field approach you, it's quite hard to say no! This is especially true as I want this blog to be a place of learning and sharing, rather than a place to promote one's services. Below is a guest post, from what I believe an expert in his field, so with no further a due, take it away Mr Rob Walling!  

Are you ready to fight your way to the top of the SEO food chain?


It’s a dangerous journey, and most bow out early, settling for mediocre results.

Mediocre results undermine profits, and kill businesses. You’re better off jumping in with the sharks and clawing your way out. Because the only thing you’ll risk is mediocrity. But before you sail into shark infested waters, you need to prepare—to know what you’re up against. Your challenge? Fight through a crowded, competitive, and cutthroat market space. And come out on top of the Google rankings. Get ready for the adventure.

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EBay vs Amazon, the Panda (4.0) Chronicles

This post includes:

  • An Into to Google Panda
  • How the Updates Influenced EBay
  •  What does Amazon have which EBay Lacks
  • So to conclude, why did Amazon win overall and what does it mean to you!
  • Final Thoughts
A brief Summary: In this post I will verge on how Google Panda 4.0 has damaged EBay and helped Amazon. This will be done by comparing the two sites (ps sorry for the pretty stale introduction).

An Intro to Google Panda 4.0

A lot of you may know, on Monday (20/05/2014) Google unleashed its new algorithm update named, “Panda 4”. As per, Matt Cutts caused the fear of god and general hysteria to the SEO industry with a casual Tweet introducing the new update. Google-Panda-4-0-cutts-tweet

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Schemas, what are they and how will they make me money?

Before we go into the details, I do want to say Schema code is not a quick and dirty SEO win but it is a way for your website to meet a Search Engines best practice. What does this post discuss

  • Schema Definition
  • What is a Schema
  • Schema’s increase CTR (click through rate)
  • How to install a Schema
  • How will it make me money!
OK, before we get into the in and outs of Schema’s, I will quickly define what is a schema and what they do.

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Help, I Shrunk my Rankings!

Honey-I-Shrunk-The-Kids-pic-honey-i-shrunk-the-kids-30912384-1280-842 No, this is not the sequel of honey, I shrunk the kids. More I wanted to be a little bit snazzy with my title and I got over exited! If any one does point it out, yes this would be a good title for a Google penalty blog post and yes I probably will be using this title again. Time after time you see a person asking, what is the perfect webpage format to make your targeted keywords appear on page one?! Unfortunately to be blunt there is no such thing. First with the algorithm continually changing and onsite theories being released and amended constantly, it is hard to say what is perfect. Now disregard what you just read, because there are always the tried and tested basics which will make a page with no oomph, become something which will potentially soar like the proverbial phoenix to page one. Below I have created a standard to help any one who wants to get to page one, have that chance. Because at the end of the day, any company/ person wants more relevant visitors to their website.

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It's not all about the Link Juice

I wish I had the budget and the balls to re create Nelly's song "Pimp Juice," into the SEO classic "Link Juice." Maybe one for the future! But one lyric in his song does ring true for SEO's around the world, "She only want me for my pimp juice( "link juice" in the seo version)". Whilst not grammatically brilliant, it is true, SEO consultants around the world sometimes become caught up in the idea it is only about the Link Juice! Link Juice for people who don't know is the authority you gain from another website linking to yourself. However in my last company I turned this idea on it's head, I created a tool to highlight the importance of generating links which produce referrals as well. Because at the end of a day a link which generates successful referrals, is as important as link juice, or more so to a successful link building campaign.  

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